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Covid Awareness Program and Risk Assessment

This COVID 19 awareness information sheet is given to all employees of Allfirst ltd. Given the nature of your employment it is not possible for you to work from home during this COVID 19 outbreak .We have taken all relevant measures to ensure your health and safety and your general wellbeing. All our COVID19 measures we have put in place are to minimise the risk of you contracting the virus from work colleagues or customers The measures we are taking are as follows:- Social distancing: we have arranged the Harp to ensure so far as possible that all persons follow the guidelines whether staying 2 meters apart, following the one way system ,only one person in the toilet facilities at any one time Personal protective equipment: we have ensured that we have sufficient PPE, for all staff members, please use it at all times. Hand sanitizer locations: all entrances of the Harp have a hand sanitizer at them as well as each room in the main building

1. All customers, on entering the main doors must sanitize, and refusal will mean not access to the main building
2. Behind the till areas, all personal sanitizers must be used after all transactions
3. The kitchen area has sanitizers at all entrances and exits and all employees must wash their hands thoroughly as per the guidelines
4. All toilets, including the staff areas have a sanitizer, and must be used after the faculties have been used. Cleaning in the workplace:
All bar/ kitchen surfaces, till screens, card machine, door handles, as well as any other surfaces should be cleaned with the appropriate advised cleaner, as frequently as possible during opening times. You owe a duty of care to your fellow employee’s health and safety, as well as the customers, therefore it is your responsibility to take the following measures. Washing your hands for 20 seconds or more, frequently during your shifts as well as using the hand sanitizer provided. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, through away the tissue and wash your hands. Should you or a member of tour household develop any COVID 19 symptoms, please self-isolate, in line with government guidelines. If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding your return to work or your situation in work please advise me of them immediately. Please stay safe and follow this COVID 19 awareness program at all times.

COVID 19 Risk Assessment for the Harp Inn

Transmission of COVID19 in the work placePeople at risk:Action: control to reduce
the risk to an appropriate
Risk after action:
(Low, medium, or high)
Delivery drivers
Vulnerable people
Hand washing facilities in place, washing for 20 seconds, and the
importance of drying hands hand sanitizers in each room avoid touching face ,rubbing eyes, nose or mouth catching any coughs or sneezes in tissues and dispose of safely
Table ordering app to be used by customersLOW
Pay by cards, not cash LOW
Customers, delivery drivers and all customers required to use sanitiser before entering the Harp. All relevant signage to be in place.
Employees must ensure that
all customers follow this out
Employees are reminded that PPE is provided and need to be used to protect customers and your work colleagues. Gloves to be used when
needed, when cleaning surfaces.
Face masks to be used at all times.
Tables to be kept 2 metres apartLOW
Frequent cleaning of all surfaces during opening hours with recommended appropriate anti-virus cleaner. A thorough clean at the end of opening hours.MEDIUM
Relevant COVID19 SignageLOW
Social distancing to be followed at all times, a one way system to be used, signage at all entrances to be followed in order to assist.
In accordance with government guidance all employees are reminded of social distancing when working with any work colleagues.
Symptoms of COVID19
Any employees becoming unwell with new continuous cough, high temperature, or loss of taste or smell should report it and immediately go home and follow guidance.
Manager to keep in regular contact with all staff.
If advised that a member of staff or customer of the Harp has developed
COVID19, the management will contact the public health body, to report the incident, identify through
the app, For track and trace requirements all of our customers who have been in contact, and take all relevant actions and precautions that need to be taken.
All members of staff should keep all contact with customers to a minimum. All orders to be place on the dispensing table, not on the allocated table, to ensure social distancing.LOW
All deliveries must be checked in and then all employees must use gloves and then wash their hands on completion of the taskLOW